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How to Stop Someone Parking in My Driveway — Try 7 Effective Ways Now


Way 2. Put up Signs & Traffic Cones to Stop Cars Blocking Your Driveway

You can use "No Parking signs" and traffic cones to stop your neighbours from parking in your drive.

In the comment below, a reader said, ”No one has blocked me in since putting the deterrent parking sign”.

Don't put up the signs randomly.

The sign needs to meet several standards when putting it in a private and non-residential driveway:

1. Set the sign up near the entrance of the parking driveway.

2. Make sure the sign is clear and visible without any barrier.

You can purchase this type of ”No Parking” signs like the picture below on ebay.

It's one of the best signs to use for people not to park in your driveway.

No Parking Sign

A lot of car or truck owners will remove their cars and would not park in your driveway again in fear of their vehicles being towed or being fined.

Traffic cones are also another deterrent to stop people from illegally parking in your business or private driveway.

With the traffic cones, you can set up the barriers for your parking space.

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