For those who have the capital and ability to do parking business

The number of vehicles today makes it difficult for you to move, right? Especially when stuck in a long traffic jam.

Of course very tiring. Sometimes this congestion occurs due to the large volume of vehicles parked carelessly. Make the narrow road narrower because it is crowded with parked vehicles. Moreover, congestion has been a problem that has not been resolved for a long time and a solution has always been found.

For those who have the capital and ability to do parking business, you can try this quite profitable business. Profitable? Yes, how could you not, the business you are running will generate long-term passive income as long as this parking lot has a lot of visitors.

Do not believe it? Take a look at the quote below:

1. Why should a parking business?

Because this motorcycle or car parking business has great potential to be able to reap a lot of profits in a short time. Besides, for capital, you only need to prepare a large area for parking.

This business is needed by many people. The average person will look for a safe and comfortable bicycle or car storage. This is why the parking business is the right business. This is even more so if you open a parking lot in a strategic, crowded place and many tourist attractions. There is nothing to worry about, let alone worry about not having customers.

Just look at it now, there are more and more motorized vehicles on the highway. Surely opening a parking business will always be crowded and profitable.

Therefore, most people will call the parking lot business a business that never dims or doesn’t stop and won’t stale even if no one is parked. Do not recognize bankruptcy and loss because you only provide land without other capital. If later you are not able to manage it yourself, you can ask for help from people to manage the parking lot.

You just have to watch and sit at the desk with the income flowing every day. The next thing to know is that the parking business doesn’t require a lot of expertise. Moreover, a bachelor’s degree. You are only required to be able to calculate a little about the basics.

2. Constraints you might face

Just called a business, all must have weaknesses or obstacles. Likewise the parking business. There are several obstacles that you may encounter when starting a parking business. Example:

Theft. A thief will try to keep stealing even though parking security is very optimal. Always looking for opportunities to carry out its mission. There is theft under the guise of claiming to be the owner of the vehicle, this is the very case in Indonesia.

The slightest mistake in coordination and land management, quickly these thieves will act. So, to anticipate this, there must be strict guarding and good coordination between parking employees. Also, install CCTV or other security tools. So that if one day there is a theft, you can easily track down and catch the culprit.

3. Try to reconsider

Even though the parking business is simple, it still requires careful consideration. Think again about what must be provided to start this parking business.

First, a large area. Second, capital for renovation, making a fence around, a comfortable and safe place, and providing other facilities such as toilets and prayer rooms. This will increase your turnover later.

Prepare a card or ticket that has your business logo on it to prevent ticket fraud. All of this is done to facilitate and minimize crime.

4. Prepare capital

This is a very general and rough calculation for building a parking business. The initial investment and also the capital that must be issued.

This capital and investment could return immediately if the parking business gets a lot of customers shortly. However, don’t focus too much on the estimates noted below.

You may find that it differs greatly from the original expenditure.

Initial capital analysis

  1. Lease of land for one year
  2. Renovation costs
  3. Sign your business name
  4. Deposit card or ticket
  5. Lighting
  6. Stationery (pens, stamps, etc.)


Monthly operational costs

  1. Employee salary and meal allowance (5 people)
  2. Routine costs (electricity, water, etc.)
  3. Total operational costs

Continue to grow your business

Whatever happens, when you have started this business you must be totality in running it. Continue to develop and if possible, you can open a small shop just a place to hang out and increase your turnover later. Income from small shops can also be very profitable.

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